31 Tips - Radiant Health as a Way of Life


  • Encourages simple and profound ways to cultivate optimal life
  • Helps to achieve glowing health and promote a long, successful, happy life
  • Based on Taoist principles of inner power, balance and moderation
  • Takes about one hour to read, with a lifetime of benefits
Item No: 5000
Product Description

These are the thirty-one primary practices one should follow in order to achieve glowing health and live a long, successful, happy life. This 45 minute read will awaken you to your own true being and to a flexible path to well-being. Based on Taoist principles of inner power, balance and moderation, this powerful little book encourages and guides us in simple yet profound ways to cultivate our optimal life. This book is essential for anyone on the path to glowing health through the art of life cultivation. Ron Teeguarden says this is his most important book.

43 pages
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