Cultured Cordyceps - Munchable Cordyceps


  • Highest grade cultured Cordyceps available
  • Vegan - grown on brown rice
  • An amazing health treasure
  • Rich in cordycepin
  • May be eaten raw, or cooked in food, or made into teas and elixirs
  • Pleasant mushroom flavor
Item No: 1011


Product Description

Cordyceps is a tonic mushroom. The wild variety used in herbalism grows in very high mountains, primarily in Asia. The most famous, Di Tao source of wild Cordyceps is the Himalayas. This wild Cordyceps is very rare and extremely expensive. Mycologists have developed a cultured variety using the Cordyceps militaris species of Cordyceps. It is grown in a super-clean environment on a base of organic brown rice. Cultured Cordyceps is an amazing treasure of health. It is a superb value. It is many multiples less expensive than the wild variety from the snowline of Tibet or Bhutan, yet it is very close in nutrition and herbal potency. In fact, it has a higher content of the established key component of Cordyceps, cordycepin, than the wild variety. It may be eaten raw, several pieces a day, or cooked into soups and teas. It has a delicious and interesting mushroom flavor that makes it easy to consume regularly. This amazing superfood should be in every home elixir bar and kitchen.

Ingredients: Cultured Cordyceps fruiting body

Traditional Function
Jing and Qi Tonic
Who can use it?
Raw Herb
2 oz. (57g)
Eat a handful or 2 a day as a snack or use with your DBG.
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