Longan Mini Drops


  • Mini-size perfect for trial and on-the-go!
  • Powerful antioxidant superfruit from tropical Asia
  • Made from premium Longan fruit from a countryside Taoist temple orchard
  • Rich extraction
  • Known as a premier beauty herb
  • Known as a major blood tonic herb
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Product Description

Longan Drops is now available in ¼ oz. miniature dropper bottle at a more affordable price. You can now try out this extraordinary tonic herbal tincture and many others while staying well within your budget.

Longan is a wonderful fruit, extremely popular in Asia as a snack and as an ingredient in tonic teas, beverages and deserts. A great Blood and Qi tonic for building up everyday energy. It promotes tranquility, steadies the nerves and enhances memory. It directly promotes heart health by nourishing the heart tissues. A famous beauty herb that adds luster and beauty to the skin. Equally beneficial to men and women. A fantastic sex tonic for women. MUST for women wanting to be both beautiful and sensual!

Ingredients: Longan fruit.

Traditional Function
blood and qi tonic for energy building
Who can use it?
0.25 fl. oz. (7.5 ml)
Other Ingredients
Water, Grain Alcohol (30% by volume)
3-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your health care practitioner
Going Deep

Golden Wuyi Mountain Longan (Dimocarpus longan) is a wonderful and delicious tonic fruit used by the Chinese as a blood tonic, to build energy (Qi), to calm the mind, to strengthen the Spleen, to tonify the Qi of the heart, and to add luster and beauty to the skin. Its Chinese name is Long Yan Rou, which means “Dragon Eye Meat.” Of course, being a fruit, it is not really “meat.” Longan (“dragon eye”) is so named because when the fruit is fresh, the flesh of the peeled fruit is a translucent white color. The dark brown seed shows through the translucent flesh and looks like the pupil of an eye. As a result, the fruit looks like the bulging eyes of the dragons often depicted in Chinese art. The dried fruit is one of China’s greatest delicacies. The best Longan grows in southern China in the foothills of the Wuyi Mountains. The seed has been removed. Wuyi Longan Fruit™ becomes a lovely golden color and has a unique flavor unlike any other dried fruit.

Peeled longan


There is a saying in Chinese herbalism that “women are governed by blood.” As a result, women often benefit significantly from blood tonics. Longan is a great blood tonic, often combined with other blood tonics such as Dang Gui and Peony root to make blood-building teas and formulations.


Longan Fruit is high in iron. It is a great Qi tonic for building up your everyday energy. Consumed regularly, Longan boosts temporary energy as well as long term vitality, yet it is not a stimulant like caffeine. It gives you energy while simultaneously relaxing you.


Longan promotes tranquility. The fruit has been found to promote deep, refreshing sleep.


It can be used to enhance memory and steady the nerves by fortifying Blood and Qi.


Longan is a famous beauty herb, as it adds luster and beauty to the skin.


Longan has a 2000-year reputation as a fantastic sex tonic for women. For that reason, Longan is considered a MUST for women who wish to be both beautiful and sensual. Longan’s effects are not hormonally driven. Longan is equally beneficial to men and women.


Longan is believed to directly promote heart health by nourishing the heart tissues.

fresh juicy longan


Longan tree full of ripe longan fruits

Ron climbing one of our longan trees at the farm in Southern China


Dragon Herbs sources Longan from its Di Tao origin in Fujian Province.

Longan is an herb that must be selected very carefully. The “aril,” which is the sweet fleshy fruit meat, is extremely delicious. The dried fruit obtainable at herb shops is priced based on its flavor and sweetness. Therefore, some producers soak their Longan in sugar water to enhance its sweetness. Dragon Herbs uses only the highest quality Longan, and this Longan is unsweetened — it is sweet enough without the sugar and is much better for you than sugar-soaked Longan. There is no problem consuming Dragon Herbs Wuyi Longan Fruit™ every day of your life.

Dragon Herbs Longan plantation bearing a bounty of juicy sweet fruit

Photos captured by Ron and Yanlin. View from the balcony: Field of longan trees at Dragon Herbs farm in Southern China.

At the center of Dragon Herbs Longan plantation is a Taoist shrine where locals congregate to pray for blessings, a bountiful harvest and peace

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