Magu's Treasure


  • Premium women's tonic for women
  • Ultimate female beauty tonic
  • Composed of highly prized herbal substances
  • Supports healthy beautiful aging
  • Enriches the skin
  • Contains Pure Pearl powder, Deer Antler tips, Deer Placenta, Royal Jelly powder, Schizandra berry, Dang Gui root, Longan fruit and 4 other premium tonic herbs
Item No: 112
Product Description

Magu’s Treasure is Ron Teeguarden’s ultimate women’s tonic formulation. This supreme quality formulation includes the ultimate and most highly prized herbal substances, such as Pearl, Deer Antler Tips, Placenta, Royal Jelly, Schizandra, Dang Gui, and other deeply nourishing herbs. Magu’s Treasure is a fundamentally deep Jing tonic and strong blood tonic. The Chinese goddess Magu is the Goddess of Beauty and Eternal Youth. She is revered because of her stunning beauty, warmth and seductive charm — and also because she remained eternally young. Magu’s Treasure contains all of the most precious tonic herbs for women.

Ingredients: Deer Antler tips powder, Deer placenta powder, Levigated Fresh Water Pearl powder, Royal Jelly, Schizandra fruit, Goji fruit, Dang Gui root, Chinese White Peony root, Codonopsis root, Cynomorium stem, Longan fruit.

Traditional Function
Increases Yin and Yang Jing, builds and purifies blood, fortifies Qi and nurtures Shen* Warming blend entering the interior through primarily Kidney and Liver channels.
Who can use it?
Any woman who wishes to achieve radiant health and who wishes to maximize their physical beauty, the complete female formula.
100 Capsules, 500mg each
Other Ingredients
Pullulan polysaccharide, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.
Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.
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  1. "Superb tonic...saw results within a few weeks. No more night sweats! "

    Mona, This tonic makes me feel young and resilient as I am into my 50's and feel great.
  2. "My intended use was not to increase fertility however I got pregnant within the first few weeks of beginning this formula. It greatly increased my libido as well. Something to be aware of if this is not your intended use!"

    Violet, Fertility!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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