White Tea


  • Produced from 100% leaf buds (versus mature leaves)
  • Sweet, smooth and silky tea
  • Gentle, hands-only handling
  • Only picked two days out of the year
Item No: 8041



Product Description

Using the first sprouts of early spring, our White Tea is produced from 100% buds versus leaves. When picked, the buds have not opened and are still covered with silky silvery-white “down”. These downy buds hold the highest of honors as one of the top teas in all of China. The delicate nature of the buds mandates gentle, hands-only handling, and is only done for two days out of the year. No machinery is ever used to pick Dragon Herbs white tea buds. The buds are never stacked or turned during the drying process to prevent breakage or falling of the silvery down coating which results in a sweet, smooth, and silky tea. 

Ingredients: Organic White Tea leaf

Traditional Function
Shen lifting, simutaneously gently stimulating and mildly calming.
Who can use it?
1.5 oz. (43 g)
Steep 1.5 teaspoon in 8 ounces of high quality near-boiling water for 3~5 minutes and enjoy several cups a day.
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